FDA Being Warned About Danger of Newest Painkillers

A senator is sending out a warning that some new “super painkillers”, which are now under review could force the repeat of some violent robberies in which six people died. Two of these fatal shootings occurred during New York pharmacy robberies. The senator, Charles Schumer, Democrat of New York, is concerned about these new painkillers that could be on the way and flooding the market soon. Right now professionals from law enforcement and policymakers are waging a war on the ever growing prescription drug problem.

FDA Being Warned About Danger of Newest PainkillersLast month it was reported about the fear that addiction expert’s have over four new drugs that are being tested, which all contain a more powerful version of hydrocodone, Hydrocodone is one of the United State’s painkillers that is most abused. Senator Schumer is concerned that if these drugs are legalized for prescriptions they would become a prized commodity on the black market.

Due to a loop hole in the 1970 Controlled Substances Act if the prescription contains hydrocodone in combination with another medication such as acetaminophen it a lesser Schedule III medication and can be refilled but if it was just strictly hydrocodone it would be a Schedule II medication that is strictly controlled and would require a prescription each time it needed to be filled. Because of this loophole, a person can stock up on combination hydrocodone medication and resell it on the black market if they want to.

During the fatal robberies, the one in June netted the robbers over eleven thousand hydrocodone pills were stolen and four people dead. If they do approve a pure hydrocodone medication, Senator Schumer wants a strong surveillance of the medication as they are advertised, marketed, and sold.