Hot Air Balloon Tragedy Kills 11 In New Zealand

Hot Air Balloon Tragedy Kills 11 In New ZealandThe start of 2012 was not a good one in the rural town of Wellington, New Zealand. This developed after 11 people were confirmed dead when a hot-air balloon crashed in the area on Saturday.

The Wellington Police said no on survived the horrific accident which put their place to the global map. In the initial police investigation, the hot-air balloon which has 11 passengers were traveling in the air space of Wellington last January 7. Unfortunately, the balloon hit a power line in the area, which caused it to caught fire and crash towards a farmland.

Two of the passengers was still to jump out of the balloon but they eventually died upon reaching the ground due to burn wounds they suffer. The police said most of the slain passengers were couples on a hot air ballooning adventure. It was learned that the area is a hot-air balloon paradise among adventure seekers. Authorities are still conducting a deeper investigation on the tragedy as of the moment.