Man Receives Ticket for Calling 911 Three Times

Man Receives Ticket for Calling 911 Three TimesA man from Detroit has received a ticket because he called 911 three times to report that there was a break-in at his mother’s apartment. The ticket was for misuse of the 911 emergency lines. The reason that he had to call that many times was because it took the police several hours before they showed up. The man, Sean Street, said that his mother had called him after she came home and found her front had been kicked in. After the call from his mother he called 911 to report the incident. He said that he left to go over to his mother’s house but it took him an hour.

When he got there the police had not even arrived so he called the emergency line again. When they still had not shown up after another hour, he made his third phone call. When the police finally showed up they talked to a witness who had seen the incident. The witness told the police that he had seen two males, who were wearing black hoods, break into the apartment.

Mr. Street stated that the police never did follow up with his mother. A week after the incident he found a letter in his mail that contained a misdemeanor ticket for the malicious use of communications device misuse of 911 which stated that he had called 911 repeatedly because he was not satisfied with the response time and escalated a police run.

He will have to appear in court and if convicted of this misdemeanor charge he could spend ninety days in jail and have a five hundred dollar fine. Mr. Street plans to contest the ticket.