Cordova, Alaska Digging Out From Massive Snow Dump

Cordova, Alaska Digging Out From Massive Snow Dump
On Monday National Guard troops arrived in the town to help the fishing town dig out from the massive snows that have dumped more than eighteen feet of snow in the past weeks. This huge snow dump has trapped some people in their homes, triggered avalanches, and collapsed roofs.

As of now, there are at least three buildings that have either collapsed or partially collapsed. Six homes have also been severely stressed by all this heavy wet snow and drifts are twelve to fourteen feet high. They have managed to shovel off most of the roofs in town. One resident, who has lived in the town for thirty-three years, said that this is the most snow she has ever seen.

The town has set up an emergency shelter at their local recreation center but the people who are in the areas that are at risk for having an avalanche have been staying either at home or with other residents in the same area. Luckily, at this time, there have been no reports of any injuries. The town is even ready to set up a pet shelter if it becomes necessary. Last week the town issued a disaster proclamation after three weeks of relentless snow and the local crews were overwhelmed.

The reason that everyone is so concerned with the fishing town of Cordova is that there is no road access to the town. You can only get in by plane or boat. Because of the bad weather, it has prevented the National Guard from flying in. The seventy National Guard managed to get in by ferry on Sunday and plan to be there for at least two weeks. Another system is moving in on Tuesday bringing along more snow, rain, and winds up to forty miles per hour.