Greek Disability Groups in an Uproar

Greek Disability Groups in an UproarOn Monday, Greek disability groups expressed their anger over a government decision to expand the list of disability categories that are state recognized. The decision now adds people who are kleptomaniacs, pedophiles, and exhibitionists to the list of people who are considered to have a disability and can apply for disability benefits. The groups have also stated that if a pedophile gets disability they will be given higher disability pay each month than some people who are organ transplant recipients that receive disability pay.

Some other conditions on the list of people who are eligible to apply for disability payments include compulsive gamblers, sadomasochists, pyromaniacs, and fetishists. The leader of The National Confederation of Disabled People, who is blind, stated that creating this new list is going to create new problems for Greek people who are already facing cuts to their benefits because of the country’s financial problems.

The leader is also afraid that because the list contains some major changes to the disability quotients, some people may not be eligible for benefits any longer. According to the new list, if you are a pyromaniac or a pedophile and are granted benefits, they can receive pay up to thirty-five percent while heart transplant recipients receive eighty percent.

Another complaint from the leader about these changes is that a person who is a Peeping Tom can be granted a disability rate of twenty to thirty percent while a person who is a diabetic who has to take insulin shots several times a day is only granted a rate of ten percent.

Greece has been battling to avoid bankruptcy since 2009 and this is forcing the government to reassess disabled people to determine who is eligible and how much they will get.