Ohio Parents Plead Guilty to Neglect

Ohio Parents Plead Guilty to Neglect
Photo: Cleveland Blog
Two parents from Cleveland Ohio have pleaded guilty in court on Monday to neglect in regards to the death of their son who had cancer. They each pleaded guilty to one count of attempted involuntary manslaughter and each face up to eight years in prison. Their son was eight years old when he died in March 2008. The sad thing is that these two people could take their new pit bull to be treated for fleas but due to their neglect and not taking their son to doctor, their son died.

In another Ohio county, the parents, William Robinson, Sr age forty and Monica Hussing age thirty-seven, have also been charged with the failure to educate their six children. They moved to Cleveland just before their son passed away from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This is a curable form of childhood cancer.

The county coroner ruled the cause of the child’s death as a combination of pneumonia and cancer. The country coroner ruled the death a homicide and the parents were indicted a year after the child died, losing custody of their other five children in the process.

According to a 2009 report from the American Cancer Society, at least ninety-six percent of the children who are diagnosed with this form of caner will survive five years or more. The couple is scheduled to be in court on February 16th for sentencing. They have been out of jail since April 2009 on a one hundred fifty thousand dollar bail.