Rubio, Young Timberwolves Making Huge Impact In Young NBA Season

Rubio, Young Timberwolves Making Huge Impact In Young NBA SeasonThe current 3 and 5 record of the Minnesota Timberwolves might not be that impressive, but the way the National Basketball Association team is playing, it create a lot of buzz in the NBA. Despite its record, many NBA fans are impressed on the way the Timberwolves have played this season, especially on the impressive play of Spanish rookie point-guard Ricky Rubio.

Drafted as the number five pick in the 2009 NBA draft, Rubio has shown flashes of brilliance in his young NBA career. In the recent 93-72 victory of the Timberwolves over the Washington Wizards, Rubio scored 13 points and a career high 14 assists to the delight of his team and surprised to the rest of the NBA teams. Timberwolves superstar power-forward Kevin Love said he and the rest of his team were very happy on the way Rubio has played in his first NBA season.

Love said if Rubio continue to play the way he is playing, the future of the team look very bright for its fans and the franchise.
Rubio for his part expressed gratitude to the Timberwolves for drafting him in 2009. The Spanish superstar point-guard vowed to do his best to help his team have a good NBA season this year. He said the Timberwolves are for real this week so the rest of the NBA teams better watch out.