Mom Cancer Free After Coughing up Tumor

Mom Cancer Free After Coughing up TumorA thirty-seven year old mother who has six children, Claire Osborn, who lives in Coventry, United Kingdom, was diving when she felt a scratchy feeling in her throat making her want to cough. When she did she coughed up a three-quarter inch lump of tissue that was liver-colored and shaped like a heart. She immediately went to her physician who sent the tissue sample off to have tests run. She was also taken to the hospital to have tests.

To her shock, she found that she had metastic adenocarcinoma, which was an aggressive type of cancer. The doctors suspect that the cancerous tumor was growing on a stalk in the back of her mouth, which made the tumor hard to detect. When she coughed she somehow dislodged it, causing the stalk to snap and the tumor to be coughed up.

The doctors at the hospital told the woman that she would need to undergo a regimen of chemotherapy and surgery to treat this cancerous tumor and told her she only had a fifty-fifty chance of survival. To see how much cancer was still in her body after coughing up the cancerous tumor, they ran some follow-up tests. To their amazement, and her joy, they could not find any cancer left in her body.

The doctor told her that she had apparently coughed up her cancer, which is rare for a patient to do but it is not totally impossible. The woman stated that she could not believe a coughing fit saved her life. She did have to undergo precautionary surgery to make sure that any undetected cancer cells were removed.