First Big Snow Storm of the Season Hits Midwest

First big Snow Storm of the Season hits MidwestFinally, the Midwest is starting to look like winter has arrived. As the first big snowstorm of the season made its way across the Midwest, it left commuters with a slippery and sloppy drive, and made businesses that relied on snow and skiers happy. This winter had started out as one of the brownest and warmest winters in recent history. This winter snowstorm blanketed parts of Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin before it moved into Michigan and Illinois. In Chicago, they were expecting from six to eight inches, sending the snowplow drivers out into the night to start clearing the roads.

In the northern part of Indiana that area was expecting almost fifteen inches of snow and in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula were getting ready for more than a foot. What is causing such weird winter weather are the atmospheric patterns which include the Pacific pattern that is called La Nina. These patterns have kept it unusually warm in the states that are use to more snow and making it an unusual icy winter with record breaking snows in Alaska.

The downside to this winter snowstorm is that there have been three road deaths associated with it. There was one road death in Missouri and two in Iowa plus hundreds of non-fatal traffic accidents. There were also more than five hundred flights canceled in Chicago on Thursday