Man Sentenced to Twenty Years for Burying Fiance Alive

Man Sentenced to Twenty Years for Burying Fiance Alive
Photo: Mirror
Marcin Kasprzak, age twenty-six was given a twenty year prison sentence on Friday in Britain for attempted murder of his fiancée and mother of his child, Michelina Lewandowska, age twenty-seven. On May 28, 2010, he attacked her with a stun gun at their home in Huddersfield. He then bound and gagged her with the help of his friend Patryk Borys, age eighteen and put her in a cardboard computer box. They buried her in dirt only six inches deep and under a tree branch that weighed eighty-eight pound.

The woman managed to dig herself out of the computer box using the diamond on her engagement ring and then clawing her way out of the grave. She managed to flag down a passing motorist. Her fiance said that he was bored with her and the plan to kill her came about because of a dispute over their son who is two years old. Apparently he wanted her to leave and leave the child behind with him and his mother but she refused to do so.

The judge told him before passing sentence that it was his intention that she not be found and would die in the box, which would have been a long slow painful death. His fiance is still suffering from significant psychological harm but is otherwise okay.

His friend was not found guilty of attempted murder in December by a jury but was found guilty of helping to kidnap his friend’s fiance. He was sentence to serve a four and a half years prison sentence. According to the court both men would have to serve half of their sentences before they would be released on license.