Obama, Democrats Ready For Presidential Election With $68 Million Campaign Kitty

Obama, Democrats Now Ready For Presidential Election With $68 Million Campaign KittyPresident Barrack Obama and the whole Democratic party are now ready for his reelection bid after their party was able to raise $68 million for their presidential campaign in the final quarter of 2011. According to reports, from the said amount, $42 million will be used for Obama’s campaign and more than $24 million was for the Democratic National Committee, which helps to elect candidates for the Senate and House of Representatives.

The $68 million campaign funds is far bigger than the one raised by the Republican party for the 2012 White House race. Earlier, the Republican party criticized Obama for reportedly planning to spend $1 billion this year for his campaign. But Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina belied such accusations, saying the president is not keen to spend such kind of huge amount for the election.

Messina revealed that their campaign now has 1.3 million donors, including 200,000 who gave for the first time ever during the last quarter. He added that 98 percent of donations were $250 or less, with an average donation of $55. Political experts said this year’s presidential election will be a close fight between Obama and his opponent since the economy of America is not in a good condition at the moment.