Number of Web Users Rises in China

Number of Web Users Rises in ChinaThe numbers of people in China who use the internet has reached five hundred thirteen million users as many go online using tablet computers and their mobile phones. In China, the communist government tries to block internet access for the people to any material that they feel are subversive or pornographic. The government does encourage them to use the internet if it is for education or business.

Because the internet is so popular in China, it has caused an explosive growth of Web companies that are profitable. The internet has also made some Chine entrepreneurs fortune even though the government has control of what the public can view while they are online. In December the number of people who used mainland internet rose twelve percent, up from the same time a year ago. In addition, the number that is accessing the internet by using any handheld device increased seventeen point five percent from last year putting the number at three hundred fifty-six million users.

On Friday, how popular the wireless internet is in China was seen when the people there, including scalpers, were scrambling to purchase the latest iPhone from Apple, Inc, iPhone 4S. It was sold out within minutes. Because of the large crowd outside the store that were waiting to purchase the iPhone, at its mainland store, Apple has postponed further sales but the can be found through the local carrier and online.