Bath Salt Injections can Lead to Flesh-Eating Disease

Bath Salt Injections can Lead to Flesh-Eating DiseaseBath salts are not what you think. It is not those good smelling crystals that you put in your bath at the end of a long hard day to help you unwind and relax. These bath salts are a street drug that is sold as a synthetic powder. This powder will often contain various amphetamines like chemicals that are injected into your body. These injections may cause the ravaging skin condition called “Necrotizing Fasciit­­­­is” better known as the flesh eating disease.

This is the first known case of this disease that was caused by bath salts being injected intramuscular. A study published in the January issue of Orthopedics journal tells of a case in which this did happen to a thirty-four year old woman. She had come to the hospital complaining of redness and forearm pain after she had been to a party. There were no symptoms except on her arm where there was a small red puncture wound.

After many questions she finally admitted that two days before the symptoms started she had injected these bath salts. The doctors immediately did a reexamination and it was then determined that she had necrotizing fasciitis. This awful disease had progressed so quickly that the doctors had to amputate her arm, collarbone, and shoulder. In addition, they had to perform a radical mastectomy. Later she had skin grafts and underwent rehabilitation.

This is not only a street drug but it can also cause a horrific disease that can kill you if it is not diagnosed and caught in time.