Arkansas Methamphetamine Operation Connected to Mexico

Arkansas Methamphetamine Operation Connected to MexicoIn Little Rock, Arkansas, on Tuesday Arkansas and Federal authorities indicted twenty-two people on thirty-six counts of trafficking. They trafficked into Arkansas methamphetamine that was smuggled from Mexico. The law enforcement seized seven vehicles valued at almost one hundred sixty-four thousand dollars, five guns, and thirteen point three pounds of methamphetamine during the sting operation. The people who were indicted were charged with witness tampering and federal drug offenses.

At this time they have seventeen of those indicted in custody, one woman is a fugitive, and five others have been summoned to appear in court. Although methamphetamine that is smuggled in from Mexico is not a new problem but the methamphetamine that was found during the operation on Tuesday is different than the regular methamphetamine people make in little batches using the medication ephedrine. This methamphetamine that was seized was a crystal form which is smoked and is referred to as “ice.” This is the type that is usually made in Mexico in some organization there.

The reason that Mexican Ice methamphetamine is so available in Arkansas is that the traffickers from Mexico have established a regional distribution hub in the state. Over the past twelve months, these organizations that make ice methamphetamine have increased their operations. They have managed to establish these operations in suburban areas and small towns and using these distribution points to supply the drug markets not only in Arkansas but the Midwest.