Canadian Stores Sold Fake iPad 2’s Made of Clay

Canadian Stores Sold Fake iPad 2's Made of Clay
No, the electronic stores in Vancouver, British Columbia did not intentionally sell their customers fake iPads2. In fact, the stores are just as much a victim as their customers. At this time there have been reports of ten fake iPads2 sold. These fake iPads2 were made from slabs of modeling clay. Two stores, Future Shop and Best Buy, are investigating how this type of scam was pulled off. It is a known fact that most electronic products cannot be returned to the store.

According to a spokesperson from Future Shop, apparently these scammers bought the iPads with cash and when they got them home, they weighed out the modeling clay portions, put that back in the original Apple packaging and resealed the box. They then returned the packages to the store. They got their money back plus they also had the iPad2 so it was a win-win situation for the scammers. The returned “fakes” were put back on the shelves and sold to new customers that had no clue that what was inside the boxes were fake.

A victim of the scam, Mark Sanhu, was the first to bring this scam to the public and store’s knowledge. He had bought an iPad2 for his wife for Christmas he found a fake clay one in the box instead of a real one. When he tried to return it to the store he was not given a refund and made to feel that he was trying to scam the store out of seven hundred dollars. He then contacted the store’s head office, which was Future Shop, the local police, and Apple but unfortunately no one believed him.

After investigating his story, Future Shop has not only apologized but he got a full refund and a new iPad2.