Alaska Towns Finally Able to dig out From Snow Piles

Cordova, Alaska Digging Out From Massive Snow Dump
The skies over Alaska are finally staying clear allowing the students to get back to class and giving the snow removal crews some much needed rest. They have even managed to get the roofs that are vulnerable shoveled off. For the two towns, Cordova and Valdez, things are getting back to normal. There is no snow until next week in the forecast for Cordova. The next priority is to move the snow away from the bases of the homes so they can make room for the next snow.

Valdez is about one hundred twenty miles east of Anchorage and is called the snow magnet. So far this winter twenty seven feet have fallen on this small town. At this time last year they had just a little more than fifteen feet, which is about the average for the winter. Approximately fifty miles to the south lies Cordova, which has received almost sixteen feet of snow. That is approximately two times the snow it would normally get during the winter.

Because of so much snow in Cordova, the National Guard was called in after a disaster declaration was declared. Finally, after eight days they have finally been able to leave the town. The estimate cost for bringing in the necessary heavy snow removal equipment, paying for the National Guards, and other costs is seven hundred seventy-five thousand dollars.