Angel Dust Comeback in New York City

Angel Dust Comeback in New York CityIn the 1950’s angel dust, or PCP, was developed originally as an anesthetic, but when it began to give patients hallucinations that were violent, it was discontinued. Then in the 1970’s the drug of New York was angel dust, and it is now making another appearance by the drug dealers there.

While one Harlem drug ring operated out of apartment houses in the neighborhood, they used a boy who was only eight years old as their lookout and to steer customers to the dealers according to the police on Wednesday. This boy is the nephew of one of the men that was arrested. They have arrested thirty-five men during this sting operation. This drug ring made a profit of one point five million dollars. From October 2010 to January of this year this profit came from selling ten dollar PCP (angel dust) bags on the streets.

Two brothers, thirty-nine year old Bernard Moultrie and forty-one year old Lamont Moultrie, were arrested and charged with operating as major traffickers. This charge comes from a new drug kingpin law, which carries the potential of serving a life sentence. This drug bust came after an investigation of fifteen months that ended with the arrest of these two brothers on Wednesday. During the arrest the police found two point five gallons of liquid angel dust in bottles and thirty-nine thousand dollars.

Around the same place and time were the operation was there have been fifteen shootings with four of the shootings resulting in homicide. At this time the people who were arrested during the drug bust have not been charged with any of the shootings.