One of The World’s Smallest Baby Goes Home

The parents were finally allowed to take their baby daughter home from the hospital on Friday after being in the hospital for five months. The little girl, Melinda Star Guido, was born on August 30th sixteen weeks premature and only weighed nine point five ounces and eight and three quarters inches long. This was less than the weight of a soda can. She was the third-lightest baby that was ever born in any country around the world and the second-lightest baby born in the United States.

When she left the hospital, she weighed four pounds eleven ounces and doing what a baby at that age should be doing. She was eating, sleeping, and looking around at her surroundings. Two weeks ago the physician’s did a brain scan on the little girl and stated that it looked normal but they are still optimistic at how she was going to do overtime. Their main concern is her whether she will have any trouble with talking, walking, and with her neurological development. She is going to be monitored over the next six years to see how she is developing because of being so small at birth and being a survivor. The physicians feel she will have no major problems but will be smaller than average.

The two smallest babies in the United States were born in Illinois. One weighed only nine point two ounces. She is now seven years old, attending school and doing well. The other baby weighed nine point nine ounces at birth and is now a college honor’s student. Most babies this small do not survive. In the United States, there are approximately seventy-five hundred babies born each year that weigh less than a pound. Only about ten percent survive.