Toy Replica Cannon Kills Boy

On Monday, Robby Ostberg, age fourteen, died when a tiny replica cannon fired something into his face killing him.  He was holding an eighteenth century replica cannon when it accidentally fired.  The young boy was playing video games with his older brother when the cannon went off.  The cannon was a point fifty-caliber weapon, which was designed to be fired using black powder.  At this time the police are unsure just what type of propellant had been in the cannon Monday or if there had even had a projectile inside the cannon.  

According to a neighbor, this type of cannon could kill small game or send the projectile through a wall and they were known to accidentally go off.  All it would take for it to go off is for something to slip, the hammer would drop and it would go off.  There is still legal confusion as to whether this type of miniature cannon should be considered a toy, a firearm, or a decoration.  If the cannon that killed Robby Ostberg were treated as a firearm, it would have come with a warning and a safety lock.

They are waiting for the autopsy to come back but that could take weeks.  In addition, what exactly happened is not known at this time.  The father was at home at the time of the accident and though he had guns in the house, he had them locked them up and had taught his sons about gun safety.