Disabled Iowa Man Fired Over Twenty Cents

Disabled Iowa Man Fired Over Twenty Cents Kyle Dowie, age forty-three, is mentally disabled, and he was let go from his job at a local supermarket in Iowa.   The reason that he was fired is because he cashed twenty cents of credit slips for bottle deposits customers had left behind but the store accused him of stealing them.  A complaint has been filed on his behalf alleging that he was discriminated against because of his disability with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission.

Mr. Dowie has worked in the Urbandale Hy-Vee supermarket for twenty-five years.  On November 2, 2010 had recycled three dollars and seventy-five cents worth of recyclable bottles he had brought from home using the store’s recycling machine.  In addition he had some credit slips customers had left behind that were dated for September he tried to redeem.  He was fired that day when the manager accused him of stealing the credit slips.  

On January 17th there was a hearing on his unemployment benefits which the company had contested.  A spokesman for the supermarket has said that they are offering to reinstate Mr. Dowie with the same pay and benefits as he had before he was fired but before they accept the stores offer, his attorney wants to hear the full terms of the job offer first.  They specifically want to know what duties Mr. Dowie will have to perform.  Kyle Dowie does well working at a job that has repetition because after working at the store for so long he knew what his job was and did it.  They want to make sure that the job is suitable for him before they consider the store’s offer of reinstatement but they are considering the offer.