United Nations Receives 16 Kilogram Cocaine Cache In Error

United Nations Receives 16 Kilogram Cocaine Cache In ErrorOn Thursday, the United Nations stated that they had received a very unusual delivery of sixteen kilo (thirty-five point five pounds) of cocaine on January 16th, in two UN diplomatic pouches that were fake.  The cocaine had a street value of more than two million dollars.  The bags had the UN symbol printed on them and had been shipped from Mexico through the DHL shipping center in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The bags had no address on them or return address.

Because there was no address where they were to be delivered but had the UN symbol, the shipping company figured that the bags were meant to go to the UN headquarters.  The shipping company thought that once the bags were shipped to the UN someone there would figure out where the bags were suppose to go.  When they were delivered, the bags were quickly intercepted by security.  Inside the bag were fourteen hollowed out hard back books in which the cocaine was hidden.

The assistant secretary at the UN stated that there was no evidence that anyone at the United Nations was linked to the fake UN bags of cocaine.  They feel that this was the work of drug traffickers whose plan went wrong when they tried to ship the drugs to the United States.