Shredded Money Used to Build a House

Shredded Money Used to Build a HouseIn Ireland, Frank Buckley, an artist based in Dublin has started to build a house using one point eighty-two billion dollars of shredded money.  Frank Buckley, who is unemployed, has been working approximately twelve hours a day since the start of December.  The shredded money he is using are decommissioned Euros that have been lent to him by the mint in Ireland.  

During the early part of the construction he made approximately fifty thousand money bricks to be used in making his house.  At this time the house consists of a bathroom, living room, and a bedroom.  He is planning to continue building on the house to include a shower, patio, and kitchen.  The house sits on an empty building site.  At first he wanted to use the shredded money to create a gallery for his series of mixed-media artwork.  The series is called“Expressions of Recessions.

He has been living in the house since December and hopes that his complete home will be finished in seven more weeks.  He said that living in the house is quite warm and that the Euro was a great insulator.  He said that any visitor who wants to take a look at his billion dollar masterpieces is welcome.  The reason that he decided to build this house out of shredded money was because he wanted to be able to create something from nothing, which is just what he did.