Thai Elephant Meat—the New Taste

Thai Elephant Meat—the New Taste In Thailand, a new threat to the threat of the survival of the elephants living there has emerged.  The new threat is the taste for eating elephant meat which includes everything from their sexual organs to their trunks. The Wildlife officials were made aware of this new threat when they found two elephants in a national park in the western part of Thailand slaughtered in December.  According to the wildlife agency, the poachers took the elephant’s trunks and sexual organs for human consumption.  Some of this eat that was taken was going to be eaten as “elephant sashimi” which means it will not be cooked.  An elephant’s sexual organ has a value of more than nine hundred fifty dollars.

Normally poachers are just after the tusks which can bring on the black market from approximately thirty-two to sixty-three thousand dollars.  The ivory tusks are most commonly found on the Asian male elephants.  If there is a market for elephant meat, this could lead to more of the elephant population being killed.  At this time there are abut four thousand domesticated elephants and less than three thousand wild elephants in Thailand.  There is a chance that elephants could become extinct if people keep hunting them for their tusks and meat.

It is not uncommon in Thailand to eat elephant meat.  In some cultures in Asia, it is believed that if they consume an animal’s reproductive organ it can boost their sexual prowess.  It is illegal to possess or traffic poached animal parts and it is banned to poach elephants.  Sometimes they poach baby elephants to be trained in shows but the request for ivory is still the main reason for poaching.