iPhone Telescopic Lense and Tripod Groupon!

iPhone Telescopic Lense and Tripod Groupon

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Granted, this author is addicted to Groupon deals and Groupon Goods.  And while I’m admitting it, also addicted to Groupon travel deals.   Who doesn’t like a good deal right? This time around, Groupon Goods has got their best item yet:  The iPhone Telescopic Lense AND a Tripod for your iPhone.  And the price is?  Drum roll please….the price is $25!

That’s right, you get the Sound Logic iPhone Telescopic Lense and Tripod, a carrying bag, and free shipping included, all for $25.  Now I don’t know a lot about the quality of the Sound Logic iPhone lense, but I’m thinking, for $25, it’s worth finding out.

With this iPhone Telescopic Lense and Tripod Groupon, you too can take professional photos of the fruit on your dining room table, or that pesky dog that keeps crapping in your yard!  And that photographic proof will be blur and streak free!  Your neighbors will now have no choice but to come over and pick up their dog’s poo, while on their way to your bbq cookout.

The iPhone telescopic zoom lense give you an 8x optical zoom, while the tripod makes sure your photos aren’t shaky, even if you are.

If you are as excited as we are, you better act fast.    This iPhone Telescopic Lense and Tripod Groupon good deal (say that 5 times fast) expires February 7, 2012.  You can only buy 2, plus 3 for gifts.  Oh, and if you aren’t living in the States, don’t get excited at all, as it only ships to mainland U.S. addresses.