73 Killed In Egypt Soccer Riot

A soccer match turned violent in Port City in Egypt on Wednesday. According to reports, 73 people were reported killed and 1,000 others injured when the match between al-Masry and Al Ahli, one of Egypt’s most successful clubs, turned violence that day.

The violence started after Al-Masry won the match 3-0. Some of the Al-Masry fans were reportedly angry at the fans of Al Ahli for insulting them which drove them to attack them. A commotion and stampede then ensued causing the many deaths and injuries.

73 Killed In Egypt Soccer ViolenceEgyptian officials said the unfortunate incident is now considered the biggest disaster in the soccer history of their country. The officials blame the lack of security in the soccer venue which could have stopped the violence. A thorough investigation on the incident is now underway to determine who are responsible on the deadly soccer incident.