Marijuana Legalization Efforts Forge Ahead in Colorado and Washington

The efforts to make marijuana legal for just recreational use are gaining steam in Colorado and Washington State. This is happening even with a ten year long cultural battle over the United States most common illicit drug that is used and fierce opposition from the federal government. On Friday officials from Washington State have stated that they have enough signatures as an initiative to qualify for a ballot in the November election for the legalization of marijuana. This week Colorado may make the same determination.

The supporters of this bill are figuring to spend several million dollars before the ballot in November. They are hoping for a large turnout of voters, especially among the youth to help with their cause. At this time sixteen states, including Colorado and Washington State, do let marijuana be used for medical reasons. Under the U.S. law, marijuana/cannabis still is a narcotic drug that is illegal. On the idea of total legalization, the opinion of the public is sharply divided.

Marijuana Legalization Efforts Forge Ahead in Colorado and WashingtonIn 2010, California voters turned down an initiative ballot for marijuana to be legalized for use as a recreation drug. Part of the reason it was turned back is that they were worried about how the sale and production of marijuana could be regulated. Since that time, in Washington State, California, and other states, the U.S. Department of Justice has begun to crack down, raiding operations that grow marijuana and dispensaries. The department’s highest priorities are the people who are violating both the federal and state laws.

If marijuana would be legalized for recreational use, the buyers would only be adults over the age of twenty-one and sold through marijuana stores that are licensed by the states Liquor Control Board. This board would also take care of monitoring the processing and production of marijuana.