Son Said Mom was in Trunk

Author’s Note:  This is a follow up on the tragedy of two little boys dying with the father in a blast on Sunday and what one of the children had to say in regards to their mother’s disappearance.

At the time their mother disappeared, the boys were two and four years of age.  Just before their tragic death they had begun to talk to their grandparents about the night she disappeared in 2009.  The night she had disappeared their father had taken then on a camping trip late at night during a blizzard.  They also included the fact that their mother had disappeared after going in the car with their dad.  

One of the grandparents stated that the oldest child talked about the night that they went camping that their mommy was in the truck.  He then stated that his dad and mom got out of the car and his mom disappeared.  

The children were put in the custody of their mother’s parents in 2011 after their dad’s father was arrested on the charges of child porn and voyeurism.  The next child custody hearing was scheduled for July but in the mean time he had twice a week visits that were supervised.