ASVAB Practice Questions

Today, more than ever, people are considering a career in the United States armed forces.  And before you can enlist, you have to write the ASVAB test, and there’s no better way to prepare than by using ASVAB practice questions books to help prepare for the exam.

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a multiple choice test that helps determine whether you have the need qualifications to enlist in the US military.  Quite often you’ll see it offered to U.S. high school students in the 10th to 12th grades, but really, anyone who has an interest in enlisting can take the test.  It’s a great test to determine your personal aptitude for military duty, or even any other private sector career.

We at California Examiner have been asked by many about what are the best, and most popular ASVAB practice questions study guides. Well, based on sales levels, here are the best:

1.  ASVAB For Dummies– Rod Powers

This is an excellent meaty review of all test subjects (there are nine in all).  It really helps you figure out your weaknesses and improve your test taking skills.  It also has 4 ASVAB practice questions tests, including the Armed Forces Qualifying test.


2. Master The ASVAB: CD INSIDE; Score High and Launch Your Military Career (Peterson’s Master the ASVAB (W/CD)) by Scott A. Ostrow

This a real favorite of the two, even if it isn’t the best selling because many people feel that the ASVAB practice exams are much more difficult than other books especially since they are actually timed.  This really pushes you to get the most out of the test material and master each and every topic.

I’ve you’ve got another book that you feel is better than these two above, please do let us know, by leaving a comment below.  Best of luck with whichever ASVAB practice questions book you choose.