Possible Threat From U.S. Anti-Government Extremists

The FBI has stated that there is a possible threat from people who are anti-government extremists.  These are the people who are opposed to regulations and taxes and are now posing a threat to the local law enforcement officers.  These extremists are also known as sovereign citizens.  They are the people who have this belief that they can live outside any form of government authority.  They defy government environmental regulations, have the belief that the United States has gone bankrupt by going off the gold standard, and refuse to pay taxes.  

Any routine encounters with law enforcement can turn violent without any provocation on the law enforcements part.  This is why the FBI has issued a warning to all the law enforcement offices both locally and state wide so they can be aware of the visibility of a threat.  

Possible Threat From U.S. Anti-Government Extremists One such encounter happened in West Memphis, Arkansas in 2010, when two officers were shot and killed.  This happened during an argument after pulling over a sovereign citizen in traffic,  In Texas in 2011, a sovereign citizen, or extremist, opened fire on a police office after the was pulled over during a traffic stop.  Fortunately the police officer was not hit.

The legal convictions of extremists have increased from ten in 2009 to eighteen, both in 2010 and 2011.  The convictions were mostly for fraud.  At this time the FBI do not have a number of how may people consider themselves extremists or sovereign citizens.  These sovereign citizens also express outrage at collecting taxes, which also puts the Internal Revenue Service employees at risk.