Wisconsin Man’s Body Not Found for Four Years

In Wisconsin, a man was discovered dead inside his home.  He had apparently committed suicide four years earlier with a handgun.  The almost skeletonized body of David Carter was found January when a real estate agent went to deliver foreclosure papers.  His death as been estimated to have happened in 2007, but the big question on everyone’s mind is how was he not discovered until now.

Apparently he covered all his bases before he committed suicide.  He had told all of his neighbors and friends that he was going to move to New Mexico and when he disappeared they figured that is what he had done.  He did not have any siblings, his mother had died in 1997, and he had never met his dad so there was no one to worry about him.  His utilities had been shut off and they thought his home was abandoned.  

His home had been paid for but the local property taxes were still accumulated, which is why they were preparing to foreclose on the home.  The city had even continued to shovel snow from his driveway and mow his yard, adding the maintenance costs to his tax bill.  When they went to foreclose, he owed more than thirty thousand dollars.  In December his home was awarded to Milwaukie Country in a tax foreclosure sale.  The house is now being put up for sale.

Some of David Carter’s friends and his cousin are planning a memorial service in his honor.