Ocean Fence to Help Curb Smuggling From Mexico

South of San Diego, California, the authorities are building a concrete and steel barrier that is going to stretch three hundred feet into the Pacific Ocean.  They are building this fence to help curb dangerous attempts by smugglers and illegal immigrants to slip through the breakers to reach California.  This new maritime fence will cost four point three million dollars. It will be built at the point where the border between the United States and Mexico plunges into the ocean.  This area is between Tijuana in the northwest corner of Mexico and San Diego.  

The surf fence, as it is being referred to, is a concrete-and-steel barrier that reaches up to eighteen feet tall.  This new barrier is going to replace an uneven line of rusty poles. The new barrier is due to be completed in March and will be coated both inside and out with protectants and filled with concrete.  It is expected to last up to thirty years.  There has also been a Ocean Fence to Help Curb Smuggling From Mexicomandate from Congress to build another six hundred fifty miles of fence along the two thousand mile border.  

Some of the recent attempts in past years include two smugglers, in 2009, tried to smuggle marijuana piled on a surfboard north through inshore waters and the surf to Imperial Beach, which is just south of San Diego.  In February 2011, two illegal immigrants were caught trying to cross using self-propelled underwater dive scooters.  They have also tried to swim around the barrier that is already there and into Border Field State Park where one man drowned in the frigid waters in November 2011.