Teen Killer, Alyssa Bustamante Gets Life With Possible Parole

Alyssa Bustamante, age eighteen, from Missouri has been sentenced to prison for life with a possibility of getting parole.  In 2009 she was arrested for the slaying of Elizabeth Olton who was nine years old.  In January Alyssa pleaded guilty of criminal action and second-degree murder.  Originally she had been charged with murder in the first-degree.  She avoided having to go to trial and the change of spending the rest of her life with no chance of parole in prison by pleading guilty to the lesser charge.  

When she committed the murder Alyssa was fifteen years old.  She had strangled the nine year old girl, then stabbing Elizabeth in the chest repeatedly and then she sliced her throat just because she wanted to know how it felt to kill someone.  Alyssa took the police to the shallow grade where Elizabeth’s body was buried behind their neighborhood in the woods beneath some leaves.  


Teen Gets Life With Possible Parole
Photo: AP

Her defense attorney had argued for a lesser sentence than spending her life in prison because she had been on the antidepressant medication Prozac, which made her more apt to violence.  The defense attorneys stated that Alyssa had suffered for years with depression and one time she overdosed on painkillers attempting suicide.  The prosecutors on the other hand wanted a much longer sentence.  The reason is that Alyssa had in advance of the murder had dug a couple of shallow graves.  On the night of the murder Alyssa told her younger sister to get Elizabeth outside to play.  In addition to the reason why she committed the murder, Alyssa also put entries in her journal that described her exhilaration in killing Elizabeth.  After the murder, Alyssa went to a church dance while a large search was launched to look for Elizabeth.