Water Bottle Sales to be Banned in the Grand Canyon

Soon the sales of plastic water bottles will be banned in the Grand Canyon because all the empty plastic bottles that people are leaving behind in the par are spoiling the views of the natural wonder.  A plan has been approved to eliminate the sale of bottled water within the next thirty days.  To offset this ban ten water stations are going to be installed inside the park so visitors can refill their own water bottles that they can bring with them.  This project is going to cost almost three hundred thousand dollars.  Park concessionaires chipped in with another three water stations.  These park concessionaires can still sell other bottled beverages.  

The park’s intermountain region director feels that the Grand Canyon should set the standard for resource sustainability and protection and contends that the new policy will have Water Bottle Sales to be Banned in the Grand Canyonminimal impact on the visitors to the Grand Canyon.  Each year approximately four point five million tourists visit the Grand Canyon.  The officials are worried about the litter that is found on the inner and rim of the canyon will mar the views and spoil the park.  The disposable bottles account for thirty percent of its recyclables and twenty percent of the park’s waste.