Colorado Drug Bust Leads to Eighty Arrests

The state, local, and federal law enforcement officials say that this is the biggest drug bust in the history of Colorado after a two year operation that began in December 2009.  The drug bust grew from an investigation of sixteen take over bank robberies that were violent.  During this drug bust law enforcement officials seized one pound of methamphetamine, fifty-eight pounds of cocaine, and two point two pounds of crack cocaine.  In addition to the eighty arrests and illegal drugs, they also seized twelve weapons.  Some of those weapons include handguns and assault rifles.  There was also four hundred thousand dollars on cash.

The investigation was triggered by some hard-core gang member’s violent activities and when law enforcement officials began concentrating on them their investigation led them to a complex conspiracy that involved narcotics.  There have been twenty-five members of these gangs charged with the robberies of the banks.  There have been a total of ninety-seven people that have been charged in relation to the drug sweep but seventeen are still at large.  

Colorado Drug Bust Leads to Eighty ArrestsIf these people who were arrested are convicted most of them, who are being charged in federal court, could face prison terms that range from ten years to life plus up to ten million dollars in fines.  If they are charged in state court, depending on their charges, would receive mandatory minimum prison sentences.