Adele’s Wins Big At Grammys With 6 Awards

To her critics, Adele is an over-hypes over weight singer. However, in the just concluded Grammy Music Awards, the British singer got the last laugh as she ended up with six awards in the six categories he was nominated in.

With her incredible feat, Adele was able to tie Beyonce’s 2010 record for most Grammys won by a female artist in one night and  Eric Clapton’s 1993 record fo r most Grammys won by a British artist in one night. The multiple award is a sweet gift for the 23-year-old Briton since she had a tough time last year.

It can be recalled that despite her success as a singer, Adele was forced to undergo surgery in order to treat her throat problem and preserved her young status as a world class singer. Among the prestigious award won by Adele was the coveted Album, Record and Song of the Year. Adele was very happy with her awards and vowed to work even harder to give more songs to her fans around the world.

Adele's Wins Big At Grammys With 6 Awards