Avalanche Kills 9 In Kosovo

Nine family members were reported killed when an avalanche buried seven houses at a remote mountain village in Kosovo. According to reports, an avalanche hit the village of Restelica near Kosovo’s border with Macedonia and Albania and buried the houses killing the victims in the process on Sunday.

Despite the sad news, authorities still had reasons to smile as rescuers were able to saved a five-year-old girl from the avalanche after the incident buried her house under 10 meters (33 feet) of snow. A smira Reka who miraculously survived the avalanche is now recovering from the hospital from her injuries caused by the incident. The search and rescue operation the missing persons in the avalanche incident is still ongoing as of the moment.

It was learned that the cold weather in Europe, which began late January, has already killed hundreds of people — most of them homeless. Heavy snow has been blanketing the Balkans for more than two weeks, with Restelica and roads in the region blocked for several days.