Man Injured After E-Cigarette Explodes

Tom Holloway, age fifty-seven, of Niceville, Florida, is recovering at a burn center after an electric cigarette exploded in his mouth.  On Monday he was smoking the cigarette when it exploded, sounding like a firecracker had gone off in the house.  They are saying that a faulty battery that was inside the E-cigarette most likely caused the accident.  The battery in the cigarette appeared to be a lithium rechargeable battery because there was a recharging station in the house but they were not able to recognize the brand name.  

The explosion was just as if he had been holding a bottle rocket in his mouth, which knocked out part of his tongue and all of his teeth.  He had quit smoking two years ago and had turned to this type of cigarette to help him kick his smoking habit.  At this time, the FDA does not regulate E-cigarettes.  This type of cigarette that people use to help them kick the habit stimulates the act of smoking through appearance, flavor, and physical sensation.  Because they are not regulated, people purchase them at their own risk.  

Man Injured After E-Cigarette ExplodesOne doctor has stated that he does not recommend this type of quit smoking help to his patients because they are not regulated for purity standards or safety by anyone and in some samples, impurities such as antifreeze have been found.