Plane Carrying Strange Cargo Enters President’s Airspace

On Thursday in Los Angles, a small plane that was carrying more than twenty pounds of marijuana strayed into restricted airspace around the President’s helicopter.  This immediately sent out an alert that prompted U.S.F-16 fighters to rush to intercept the small plane.  The planes were scrambled from March Air Reserved Base by the North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) Command officials who were alerted to the airspace violation.  

The fighter jets made contract with the pilot and he complied with the instructions to land at Long Beach Airport.  He was flying a Cessna 182, a single engine plane.  After questioning the pilot, the U.S. Secret Service made the decision that the pilot had no apparent intention to cause any harm to the President and that it was an accident that he got into restricted airspace.  

Plane Carrying Strange Cargo Enters President’s AirspaceThe pilot had been flying from Santa Marie to Long Beach and failed to respond to answer communications before he was contacted by the fighter jets.  President Obama had been in California for a fund raiser.  There is no word at this time if there are gong to be any criminal charges filled in connection with the incident but the law enforcement offices had been told about the incident.  This is when they found twenty-two pounds of marijuana on the plane.