Man in Connecticut Trying to Evict his Mother

In New Haven, Peter Kantorowski, age seventy-one, has been trying to get his mother, ninety-eight year old Mary Kantorowski, to either move to a nursing home or in with him and she refuses.  In December, just before her birthday, he had his mother served with an evection notice.  She has lived in her little home since 1953 where she raised her sons.  Several years ago she transferred ownership to the home to Peter Kantorowski but has a quit claim giving her the right to stay there in her home.

Her son said that he is concerned about her and that she seems disoriented.  Her attorney tells a different story and states that she can still take care of herself and still cooks some.  She is seen regularly by nurses and doctors in her own home.  In addition, a judge has ruled that she is competent.  Her other son, Jack Kantorowski, also states that his mother is in pretty good health and that he is on her side.

Man in Connecticut Trying to Evict his MotherPeter Kantorowski has not visited his mother in eight months, but only lives twenty minutes away.  No explanation as to why he has not visited his mother.  He filed a complaint against her after she would not follow an evection notice and a trail has been set for March.  Her attorney stated a probate court kept her son from selling her house after the evection notice was served.  The house today is valued at approximately three hundred thirty thousand dollars.

His mother wants to stay in the house until she dies but not it is in the hands of the court.