Million Mustache March Planned for April in DC

In April, the American Mustache Institute (AMI) is planning a march on the capital.  The reason is to try to convince lawmakers to create some type of government incentives to grow facial hair.  They want the government to pass the Stimulus to Allow Critical Hair Expenses (STACHE Act).  This stimulus would give a two hundred fifty dollar tax deduction each year for mustache growing supply expenses.  

According to the institutes research they claim that people in the United States who have mustaches earn four point three percent more than if the ones who are clean shaven.  To their way of thinking the economy would get a boost if there was an incentive to growing a mustache.  

This deduction will cover all of the products that are required to keep the mustache properly groomed and would include:

  • Instruments to trim beards and mustaches
  • Wax and weightless conditioning agents
  • Facial hair coloring products for men and women over the age of forty-three
  • Bacon
  • Combs and mirrors for mustaches
  • Wallet sized photos of Burt Reynolds

Million Mustache MarchWhy some of these things are included to qualify as part of the deductions has not been stated, especially the bacon and Burt Reynolds picture.  They have received the support of some celebrities to help support the cause and H&R Block is promising to donate clean drinking water for everyone who participates in the march.