Woman Accused of Drowning her Daughters

On Wednesday in Los Angeles, California,  thirty-two year old Lorna Valle was caught trying to drown her one and five year old daughters in the tub by her husband when he came from the store.  When the firefighters answered the 911 call both of the girls were not breathing and unconscious and did not have a pulse.  They were given CPR and taken to the hospital.  After working on the girls for two hours, the one year old was pronounced dead and the five year old was in critical but stable condition.

On Friday the mother was charged with murder and attempted murder but those charges may be changing.  On Monday the five year old was taken off life support but there has not been any official notification of her death except from the father who has stated that he is donating his daughter’s organs for transplant.

When they police get the official word that the five year old is dead the mother will face a second charge of murder.  No motive or reason has been given why she did such a terrible deed.  She is being held on a one point five million dollar bail.  If convicted of these crimes she faces fifty years to life in prison, though we hope she gets drowned in a tub while in prison.