Three Popular Vitamins That can Hurt You

Each year Americans spend approximately twenty-eight billion dollars on vitamins, herbal and dietary supplements.  In some cases, this is like flushing money down the toilet literally because if your body gets too much of a certain vitamin or supplement your body will often excrete the excess out in the form of urine.  And in other cases, too much can put your health at risk.  

Here are the three vitamins than can hurt you.

  • Vitamin E—at one time it looked to be a promising vitamin for the prevention of cancer but The National Cancer Institute who had hoped that vitamin E would decrease the rates of prostrate cancer found that instead with the study they did in 2001 found that men who took this vitamin were seventeen percent more likely to develop prostrate cancer than not.  It appears when it is taken in excess it loses its main benefits of cell communication and immune function.
  • Vitamin A—this vitamin is important for bone health, immune function, and reproduction and the vitamin can be important for people with conditions that hinder fat absorption.  These conditions can include pancreatic disorders, celiac disease and Crohn’s disease. It was also thought to help prevent cancer but studies showed that male smokers who took the a form of vitamin A supplements called beta carotene were eighteen percent ore likely to develop lung cancer.  Eight percent were more likely to die.
  • Vitamin C—this vitamin is suppose to help a person to have less or shorter severe colds but there is only a week scientific link between the regular use of vitamin C and this theory and no really good evidence that it can prevent a getting a cold altogether.  There is a possibility that any amount larger than five hundred milligrams a day can cause problems such as kidney stones.
Three Popular Vitamins That can Hurt You