Big Shake-up on WWE Wrestling

For all of you wrestling fans that have been following WWE Raw on Monday night and WWE Smackdown on Friday, you know that that there has been a big controversy over who should be the General Manager of both shows.  This controversy actually started at the pay-per view The Elimination Chamber 

For those of you that have not been able to follow this controversy, let’s go back to the Elimination Chamber on February 19th when John Laurinaitis along with his sidekick David Otunga, and wrestlers Mark Henry, Christian, and Alberto Del Rio made an appearance in the ring.  All three of the wrestlers complained that they had not been treated fairly by Teddy Long and that John Laurinaitis should be the General Manager over both shows.  

Big Shake-up on WWE WrestlingDuring the Smackdown show there was a bout between CM Punk, WWE Champion and Daniel Bryant, WWE World Heavy Weight Champion where both General Managers got involved.  A return match was held on Raw that had a controversial ending with both General Managers getting into a shouting match with Teddy Long knocking John Laurinaitis on his backside.

This morning the word came down from the WWE Board of Directors that the General Managers will switch shows with Teddy Long being the General Manager on Raw and John Laurinaitis being the General Manager on Smackdown to see who does the best job.  More updates will follow on this interesting story.