Doctors Rebuild Man’s Dented Forehead

Tim Barter fell twenty-five feet from a drainpipe in June, 2009 and hit his head on a brick wall.  He was in a coma for ten days and when he woke up, his forehead was caved in.  The reason was that doctors had to perform an emergency life-saving operation to repair his skull which was shattered.  They also had to repair his eye socket and cheekbone.  Even after this life-saving operation he still had after effects and also experienced double vision.  Where the skull had been removed he had skin over it so it was very soft to the touch, especially when his hair started to grow back.

Now his forehead has been repaired in an innovative surgery using fat from his stomach.  The procedure involved using titanium plates to repair his skull.  Although it sounds painful, in order to avoid scarring, the plates were inserted through his cheeks.  Next they took fat tissue from his stomach and injected into his forehead to fill in the Doctors Rebuild Man’s Dented Foreheaddamaged areas.  The surgery was performed by Dr. Robert Bentley, who is a surgeon at London’s King’s College Hospital.