The Oldest Newlyweds on Record

Officially, the oldest newlyweds are Allan Marks and Lillian Harley, who together have more than one hundred ninety-three years under their belts, betting the record set in 2002 by a French couple who had together one hundred ninety-one years.  The couple Allen Marks is ninety-eight and his wife is ninety-five years of age.  They broke the Guinness World Record for the oldest aggregate age of a couple.  They were married on Wednesday, February 29thafter being together for eighteen years.  They had talked about getting married for many years but just never got around to it because their lives have been so full with traveling and doing other things together.

The clerk who officiated the wedding ceremony said that she thought that Allan Marks was one of the most romantic grooms she has ever seen and that while they were there at the clerk’s office he kept giving his bride pecks on the cheek and telling her how much he loved her.  The bride told the clerk that her husband-to-be tells her that he loves her several times a day.  

The Oldest Newlyweds on Record Both were widowers when they met eighteen years ago on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur at a temple in Palm Springs.  She is a retired paralegal and he is a retired veterinarian.