iPad Apps for Your Cats

Yes, there are many different iPad apps to entertain your cat.  The iPad has scratch proof glass that will not get scratched with your cat’s sharp claws as they chase a mouse across the screen, play the piano, or even draw their owner a picture.  Most of the apps can be found in the iTunes App store.  Some are free and others cost one dollar and ninety-nine cents to unlock all the features.  One of these free apps include Cat Fishing and the sequel Cats Fishing 2.  On the iPad, swimming around are colorful little fishes that your cat can try to catch or pat away.  Other titles in this free series include Jitterbug, Party Mix-ups, Tasty Treasure Hunts and Friskies.

iPad Apps for Your CatsIf your cat wants to paint its owner a picture there is Paints for Cats, which costs $1.99.  The cat still chases a mouse but when they are chasing the mouse they are also painting an abstract art for their owners.  There is also the Cat Piano Concerto and it only costs ninety-nine cents.  When the app is launched, a piano keyboard comes up.   When you run your fingers across the keyboard you will hear a variety of meows.  When the car paws at or walks across your iPad, the same sounds will come out.

We have Facebook for socialization and now there is even a social network for your cat and your dog if you have one.  It is called PlentyOfFur and is a free app. You also get access to the website.  You can put up a profile, let your cat find new friends, and share pictures.  There is also a forum for pet owners to share any issues such as behaviors, diets, etc with other pet owners.