Houston Thieves Rob Girl Scouts of Cookie Money At Walmart

In Houston, a group of Girl Scouts were selling their cookies outside a Walmart over the weekend what a man walked up to them to ask how much they were a box.  Before they knew it, he grabbed two hundred dollars and ran to his car.  One girl, Rachel Johnson who had been with the group for nine years ran after him.  She even held onto the car door as it started to drive away.  Another Girl Scout, Iravia Cotton, was almost hit by the car as she also chased after the car.  She hit the boy who was in the passenger seat but no matter how hard they tried, the thieves got away.  They are still at large.

Houston Thieves Rob Girl Scouts of Cookie Money At WalmartThe thieves were seen leaving the scene of the crime in a black Toyota Camry but no one was able to get the license plate number because the thieves had covered it up.  The good thing is both of the girls are safe and okay.  The downside to the story is that the two girls may be held responsible for paying back the two hundred dollars that were stolen but no decision on that has been made yet.