Jackpot Winner Gets Food Stamps

Amanda Clayton, age twenty-four, won one million dollars from the state lottery in Michigan and she is still getting food stamps.  Her logic to the situation is that since they did not stop her food stamps she thought it was okay to go ahead and accept them because she is not working.  The woman also states that she has a new car, owns two homes, and receives two hundred dollars a month in food assistance.  The food assistance is mean to help people who are in the lower income bracket.  Michigan, at this time, is the eighth most economically depressed state in the United States.

Jackpot Winner Gets Food StampsStatistics show that twenty-five percent of the residents in the state receive some type of food assistance and the unemployment rate is nine point three percent.  This is over a full point above the national average.  It has dropped from August when it was at its peak at ten point four percent.

The woman does not appear to be embarrassed about taking the food assistance although she is in one of the top tax brackets in the nation because when asked if she felt she should get government welfare she told the news reporter that she felt sort of like she should get it.  Her reasoning was that she has bills to pay, has two houses, and no income.  She took her winnings of one million dollars in a lump sump and half went straight to taxes.

Republican state representative Dale Zorn is already sponsoring a bill that will prevent individuals like this woman from getting any type of state financial assistance.  This bill would require the state to do a cross check of the names of any lottery winner who wins over one thousand dollars to see if they are getting state help.