Lady Gaga Queen Of Social Media With 20 Million Twitter Followers

There is no doubt, American singing superstar Lady Gaga is indeed the queen of social media among the brightest celebrities around the world. According to reports, Lady Gaga now has a whopping 20 million followers on Twitter to top the list of celebrities with the most number of Twitter followers.

Aside from Twitter, Lady Gaga also has millions of followers on Facebook. Lady Gaga was very happy with her feat of having 20 million followers and thanked all those who have supported her in his years in the professional singing industry. Ou t of joy because of her feat, the superstar singer also took time to promote the new album of American singing icon Bruce Springsteen.

The singing superstar said music lovers should buy Springsteen’s album since it is nicely done. Based on the survey, making it to the top five of celebrities which has the most numbers of followers were Justin Bieber at more than 18 million, Katy Perry 15 million, hip-shaking Shakira at nearly 14.6 million and Rihanna, with more than 14.5 million followers.