Foods in Poland Suspected of Having Road Salt

In Warsaw, Poland the health authorities have given the order to withdraw more than five hundred thousand pounds of bread, pickles, and other food that are suspected of containing industrial salt.  Authorities have been prompted to open a criminal investigation when these revelations came to light.  So far there have been five people arrested.  They have conducted more than six hundred tests on food samples to see if they contain road salt, which was intended to be used for deicing the roads in the winter.

Foods in Poland Suspected of Having Road SaltThe officials in Poland are worried that the salt issue will hurt the country’s reputation as Poland is a major regional food exporter.  Poland produces everything from beets and apples to meat and eggs, which are sold to neighboring countries such as Germany.  So far the laboratory tests have found that the amounts of heavy metals and dioxins in the salt are minimal. They are not likely to harm humans.

The foods in question are the vegetables that are preserved in salt.  Some of them include sauerkraut, beets, and pickles.  It also includes breads and other baked goods plus sausage.  Even if the salt does not contain any harmful stuff it does not have the right amount of iodine that the law requires for this type of food.

There are three companies in western and northern Poland that they suspect of selling the industrial salt to the food producers.  This violation came out almost two weeks ago and caused the Polish officials to start scrambling to make sure that the food on the market is safe.  The three food producers have been told to make sure that their food does not leave their warehouses.